Transnational Project Meetings

Face-to-face contact between the partners is critical and thus we hled 3 Transnational Project Meetings to take place in the participating countries at a critical project point each time organised by a different partner, in Ireland, Italy, and Turkey.

The first face to face partners meeting was hosted by Sinergia in Bitonto, Italy, on 22nd September 2021

The second face to face meeting was hosted by I&F in Dublin, Ireland on9th May 2022

The third face to face meeting was hosted by Tuzla in Istanbul, Turkey on 14th March 2023

Multiplier Events

During the last months of the project each partner organized multiplier events aimed at:
·      disseminating the results of the project and its outputs to key stakeholders

·      supporting the project transferability and replication strategy

·      engaging potential new stakeholders, funders and users of the platform, programme and tools beyond the life of the project.  

First International Conference in UK on 14th February 2023.

Multiplier Event in Ireland on 25th March 2023

Multiplier Event in Italy on 23rd March 2023

Multiplier Event in Romania on 17th March 2023

Multiplier Event in Spain on 28th March 2023

Multiplier Event in Turkey on 27th March 2023

Second International Conference in UK on  21st March 2023

The COMPARATIVE REPORT of our Multiplier events is available here