User Scrutiny Panel (USP) is a formally constituted body within RDaVR project, made by criminal justice professionals from the public, private and civil sectors who will take on responsibility for evaluating and steering the work of the project partners.

It is Important that RDaVR consortium incorporates the views of professionals in the projects and therefore the USP provides the means for this to be achieved.

The USP has an important role to play in helping and advising the Project Consortium in their decision making in respect of improvements of project outputs and activities.

The USP consists of a minimum of 7 and no more than 21 members, with a quorum of 3 members who will meet at least once every three months. The aim of these meetings will be to evaluate and discuss RDaVR project and outputs as well as to respond to radicalization issues in the community.

The aim of USP is to empower al justice professionals from the public, private and civil sectors, make a tangible change to criminal justice in the field of radicalization prevention and give their perspectives on the RDaVR project.

USR will act as a working group activated within the project with three main objectives:

1. Collaborating with project staff in the development of outputs and designing of activities

2. managing “quality control” on project outputs and activities

3. implementing impacts evaluation, according to the expected project impacts and involved stakeholders.

In order to fulfil its role SP will carry out a programme of service reviews using performance information from a range of sources including:

• key performance indicators;

• project outputs and deliverables;

• performance reports on research, training and piloting strategies to prevent radicalization through restorative dialogue carried on by the project partners;

• participants feedback;

• participants satisfaction surveys.

In this way, USP will be able to use information to help to identify areas of workplan it may wish to include in its programme for greater scrutiny.

The main aim of any scrutiny exercise is to identify if there are areas where the project consortium could make changes for the benefit of the final beneficiaries or if there are areas of strength which could be replicated in other areas/target groups.

However, recommendations for improvement will need to be considered within RDaVR objectives.


Each member of the USP must agree to deliver their role for the project duration (until 31 March 2023), after which there will be a review.

Each member will be required to sign an agreement of their role and commitments.

Through the agreement of roles each member is taking on a responsibility to attend each group meeting and to come prepared for each meeting.

All of the members of the USP must decide and agree together, the boundaries and expectations of the members.

Each member will be required to be motivated, proactive, good communicator, collaborative, committed to acting ethical, adapting to changing circumstances, able to analyse societal and economic factors contributing to crime, ready to assess models for correction and re-education, Problem Sensitive.

Working tools

The User Scrutiny Panel Coordinator will be responsible for communicating group feedbacks back to the RDaVR Project Team and vice versa.

The dates of feedback will be discussed periodically.

The feedbacks will be collected online; they will be arranged via email or via eform by the coordinator.

The working group will have also access to a community of practice hosted in the project website where they can share ideas, opinions and activities aimed at completing their functions.

USP representatives will be invited to RDaVR transnational partners meetings when needed.


The selected members of the panel are:

Ben Lyon, United Kingdom

Edgardo Bisceglia, Italy

Naomi Nicholl, Ireland

Marius-Marian Baban, Romania

Jose Manuel Gonzalez, Spain

Ahmet Okan YAVUZ, Turkey


USP evaluation was provided regarding all the produced work, methodological approaches and piloting activities throught the implementation of the project, taking into account also the direct evaluation feedback from the users in the piloting activities of the project.

For information and application please contact Mrs Pia Antonaci, USP facilitator via email

including in the Subject of your email “RDaVR – User Scrutiny Panel”.