Restorative Dialogue Against Violent Radicalisation (RDaVR) has been put together to provide an alternative approach to preventing violent radicalisation and extremism based on dialogue and restorative justice. It will use the power of adult education and the restorative justice principle of power sharing to bring together 7 organisations from the UK, Turkey, Ireland, Romania, Italy and Spain to form a strategic partnership, who will support the development, piloting and transfer of an innovative model for the capacity building of criminal justice professionals and volunteers (e.g. prison officers, probation staff, police and community based practitioners) working with offenders, ex-offenders or individuals who are at risk of being groomed into violent radicalisation and/ or group offending.

Project outputs will be:

  • IO1: A face-to-face CPD accredited training course for professionals/ volunteers working with offenders, ex-offenders or people at risk of violent radicalisation and group violence designed through user-led research that will be carried out through fieldwork with users The programme will develop news skills and knowledge in adults allowing them to better support their beneficiaries in fostering resilience using dialogue and the values and practices of restorative justice.
  • IO2: Design of the programme as CPD accredited e-course and its translation into all participating languages;
  • IO3: Ebook with chapters written by the partners in their native languages capturing all the learning from the project; the e-book will also include a comparative chapter, be assigned an ISBN and catalogued with the British Library becoming in this way accessible by over 180,000 institutions.