Intellectual output 1

A face to face CDP accreditated training course for professionals/volunteers

Project partners are designing the RDaVR Training Program face-to-face course for criminal justice professionals (prison and probation staff, police, prosecutors, community practitioners) working with offenders, ex-offenders or individuals at risk of violent radicalization/ group offending.

The training program will be accredited through RJ4All with Continuous Professional Development (CPD) status, and have in-built themed activities designed to serve as catalysts for change. The change will follow a collective direction towards growth and optimal functioning while, at the same time, it will be unique and subjectively meaningful to each individual. The aim to introduce dialogical methods such as restorative justice against violence and radicalization as working tools in detention / correction centers as well as in the community in order to break the circle of violence where adults are victims and perpetrators. Our method will also aim to start at grass root level response and thus we will also target community leaders and civil society based practitioners.

The course material will be published in the form of a Training Handbook by RJ4All Publications.

intellectual output 2

Design of the programme as CDP accreditated e-course

The second project output will consist in the the design, development and implementation of the RDaVR ecourse based on the face to face course material and the continuous learning from the pilots and user feedback.

The e-course structure will mirror their respective face-to-face course only digital and other online interactive features will also be introduced (e.g. videos, audio, images, games). The e-course will also be translated into all the participating languages and be made accessible in terms of hearing and visual impairments. The e-course will also be accredited with CPD units which will conclude to a Certification at the end of the course.

You can download the EVALUATION REPORT of the e-course PILOTING implemented by the project partners here

intellectual output 3


The RDaVR ebook will be the ultimate pride and concluding product of the project. This Output will bring together all the research, pilots, learning and findings of the project into one e-book that will feature chapters in the participating languages as well as a comparative chapter in English. This e-book will be the first in the area, paving the way for Europe. The e-book will feature in two versions:

1. Short version with all the executive summaries of the national chapters in English including a comparative chapter in English

2. Long version with chapters reflecting the findings from each participating country and written in local languages. This version will also include the capacity building material as well as the evaluation from the piloting.

outcomes and impacts

Theory of Change

RDaVR strategy is based on the Theory of the change