Transnational Project Meetings

Face-to-face contact between the partners is critical and thus we have planned 4 Transnational Project Meetings to take place in the participating countries at a critical project point each time organised by a different partner, in Ireland, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

multiplier events

The national multiplier events – scheduled towards the final project phase and after the completion of all project outputs- is the culmination of the dissemination, replication and sustainability effort of all partners and participants.

The main objectives of these events will be:

i) to disseminate the results of the project and its outputs to key stakeholders nationally and locally

ii) to support the project transferability and replication strategy by delivering the results of the project and showing ‘what works’

iii) to engage potential new stakeholders, funders and users of the platform, programme and tools beyond the life of the project

iv) showcase the user-led methodology of the project and organise user-led workshops to present the technical aspects of the method to the delegates.

The events will be organised using the values of restorative justice such as dialogue and power sharing.

RJ4All will accredit the event through Continuous Professional Development (CPD) status.



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